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Our Farm Store is located in
Cross City, FL:
91 NE 126 Street
Cross City, FL 32628
Phone: 352-498-0880
Fax: (352-498-0723)
Fresh from the freezer means it is ready when you are.  For a Saturday dinner, place the frozen steaks on a plate in the refrigerator on Friday morning.  Need it faster?  place steaks in a small styrophone or Playmate cooler in the morning before you go to work.   Thawing in the microwave is another option, but the meat should be cooked right away if that method is used.
Store hours
Monday- Friday 8-5
(1 block behind the post office in
Cross City, FL )
If you would like to create your own package or talk with someone about your order, please call
(352)-498-0880 .